Augmented reality shouldn’t feel like it’s slapped onto a game experience: Niantic

Pikmin Bloom is a new Augmented Reality (AR) game from Niantic, the team behind Pokémon Go

“There have been many other games that have tried to just sort of copy and paste the Pokémon Go concept on their IP. I don’t think it works that well,” Archit Bhargava, Director, Worldwide Product Marketing – Niantic, Inc, explains why the industry has not been able to produce another hit augmented reality (AR) mobile game that matches the hype, scale and social nature of Pokémon Go.

Bhargava says to make games like Pokémon Go not only requires technical prowess and infrastructure but also a better understanding of cell phone network technology to do the right amount of processing on the app itself on the smartphone for a seamless and smooth experience.“Building these games is definitely not easy,” he tells over a video call from San Francisco.

“AR is something that shouldn’t feel like it’s slapped onto a game experience. It should feel like it’s genuinely adding to this experience,” Bhargava says. “We are still in the early phases, I think it will take a lot of iteration, a lot of work to get the concept of AR more mainstream.” AR, like the name suggests, mixes digital imagery and information with the real world. Read more…..

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