What is permalinks and how it useful?

Permalinks are the permanent URL Address of your posts, pages, categories, and other archive pages on your Project website. in other words it’s Also Called permanent link because its not change throughout the life time of a page. Permalinks contain Two parts first one is domain of website and second part is known as the slug. For example, in www.Jdtechspace.com/your-first-blog-post, the first part is domain and after slash is slug. There are some types of Permalink :-

  • Plain Permalinks:- The default Permalinks called Plain Permalinks it’s not looking good for website. short and SEO Negative
  • Pretty Permalinks:- SEO-friendly and attractive Permalinks called Pretty Permalinks
  • Almost Pretty Permalinks:- WordPress have Third option which called Almost pretty Permalinks. its is highly customizable
  • Structure Tags:- When we create Permalinks its called Structure Tags.
  • Category base and Tag base:- When In permalinks Shows Category and tags its called Category base and Tag base permalinks.

Permalinks Is useful for SEO. that’s why every Developer Try To Build SEO Friendly and Attractive permalinks. Permalinks helps to create easy-to-understand link structures. Its help you To get a good ranking in Search Engine Optimization. Permalinks make it easy other websites and blogs to point on your permalinks. With The help of Permalinks You can can easily share to friend team member or colleague a web page, a blog post, etc.



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