Value of Smart Phones

In Today’s World Smart phone is Valuable for a variety Of reason. Besides making phone calls, all smartphones today can provide directions through GPS,
take pictures, play music, Calendar, Alarm Clock and a lot of works can do by using smartphones. Smart Phone makes our work smart. Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, Smartphones play an important role in Every ones life. Smart Phones Provide information about COVID-19 vaccine, and latest update about active cases, and spread Information about COVID-19 . On Educational Platform smartphones is a chain between teacher and student. Who Saves Student from waste of Time and study.

Now days smartphones gives a lot of people employment’s new ideas, Like online teaching , Online Workshop,
Online Cooking, Dance and singing Classes. Due to COVID when Cash transaction stopped on that time online payment through Smartphones Gives people relief and saves from COVID infection. Smart Phones Connected us with people through social media. we Can Know about other Country’s Culture ,and latest updates about different things So we can say smart phone is important for our convenience of Daily life.

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