A “Citation” is the way you tell your User that certain material in your website came from another source. It also gives your user the information necessary to find that source again, including: Information about the site and the title of the website. the name and location of the company that published your copy of the source the date your copy was published and the page numbers of the material you are borrowing. In simple language Citation is a online reference to a website that features the website’ name, address, and phone number (NAP).Typically, when an SEO refers to citations, they are talking about a group of individual business listings on various sites. Many SEOs believe they’re a key ranking factor for local SEO. Citations appear in lots of different places: business directories, social networks—anywhere someone might be looking for information about local businesses. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.


Citation is important if you want to improvement in your Goggle my Business ranking list. If You find Your Competitor Citation then you can increase the opportunity of your site citation. you can also through listing which is free and paid tools are also available for citation.

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